Bamboo Steamer Baskets

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Use bamboo steamer baskets to steam your meat or fish and add aromatic flavours to your dish. Just place baking paper and your chosen herbs on the bamboo food steamer, and add the protein of your choice. Our bamboo steamers come in a diameter of 7 inches, perfect for atop a saucepan.

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Bamboo steamers are known in Asian cooking.  They are certainly clever; the bamboo captures and circulates the hot air but also allows it to evaporate or escape so excessive moisture is not maintained.  To clean a bamboo steamer, a rinse following use is recommended with other good steamer advice here.  As for recipes for your Bamboo Steamer; try steamed fish, twice cooked duck or dimsum, or this recipe for steamed garlic chicken and vegetables using a stack of bamboo steamers on top of each other!