Blade Mace (Whole)

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Mace is the covering of the nutmeg; it has a delicate nutmeggy flavour. Use blade mace to enhance a range of savoury dishes.

This is also known as Whole Mace.
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Whole mace - known as Blade Mace - is the flake-like covering of the nutmeg and is known as a savoury spice.  It is said to have a milder flavour than nutmeg, and is used in staples like curries (you'll also need Asafoetida, Cider Vinegar, Kashmiri Chili Powder and Fenugreek Leaves - or Methi - for this one) and soups (where it is often used to flavour a clear soup, then fished out before serving, bay-leaf style).  Blades of mace are also essential to the flavour of preserves like mulled wine and chutney (this pineapple chutney recipe looks gorgeaus - you'll also need White Peppercorns and Fenugreek).  If you're looking for ground mace then click here.    

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