Blow Torch

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Now a staple in the kitchen of modern-day home chefs, cooking blow torches are used whenever a localised source of heat is required; when brulee-ing, charring peppers, or finishing off the tip of the meringue. You will need to purchase butane gas from your hardware store for this mini blow torch (we are unable to deliver gas).

* Please note our supplier has changed for this product but the price is still the same! This is also known as Culinary Blow Torch, Butane Blow Torch.

This item is currently out of stock and will be available soon.

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The kitchen blow torch, for many home chefs, is most closely associated with the glorious creme brulee. Here's a great vid of the creme brulee blow torch methdology.  If you need brulee-spiration here's a classic one, a raspberry one and a vegan (avocado and pistachio) one!  But what else can one do with a Blow Torch? Sear fish (like salmon), char-grill peppers, toast marshmellows, finish off meringue or ... mmm ... melt the cheese atop your crunchy toast on your French Onion Soup. Recently Gourmet Traveller featured blow torches used to burn cream (in a good way) in this baked apple dish.