Cannoli Tubes (set 4)

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Beautiful set of metal cannoli tubes to form your cannoli shells, including a recipe on the pack! This is also known as Cannoli Forms, Cannoli Moulds.

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Cannoli Shell Tubes are used by ambitious home chefs to make, of course, the beautiful Italian pastry dessert, cannoli! Cannoli shell recipes are bountiful (step-by-step in either photo or video for pastry recipes and instructions on how to make cannoli) and is a worthy technique! (Here's a non-pastry makers way of concocting cheats cannoli!)  For the cannoli filling, almost anything goes - but the traditionalists will use marscapone or ricotta. The world's your cannoli!  Or, if you want to put the tubes to good use in baking other than cannoli - wrap these brandy snaps around them!