Chestnut Puree (sweetened)

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Canned chestnut puree is here for Christmas! This versatile ingredient is not just for Christmas, although that's when it's most popular with us home chefs! This is our sweetened chestnut puree variety, aka "chestnut spread", perfect for chestnutty desserts. Make beautiful sweetened chestnut puree desserts and enjoy the jolly time of year. See recipes for using chestnut puree below.
Size: 500 g
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Joy to the world, sweetened chestnut puree is a star of festive cooking!  For sweetened chestnut puree recipes for this Meringue Stack from Delcious 2008, these sweet chestnut cream pancakes from Feast Mag, or this self-saucing chocolate and chestnut pudding from Gourmet Traveller!  How about a taste of the infamous chestnut cream? Sweetened Chestnut Puree is the dessert queen!  Just ask another home cook ... here is Nigella Lawson's Chocolate Chestnut Cake which cooks in the refrigerator and for which you will need our 72% couverture chocolate. And check out this mouth watering torte from the Jamie Oliver magazine.