Couverture Chocolate 48 percent

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Blanxart, our Couverture Chocolate suppliers, are internationally regarded artisanal chocolatiers. We have selected this range of cocoa solid content (72% dark and 48% milk) for our gourmet chocolate, essential for contributing the chocolate flavour to your dishes or for tempering chocolate.

This is also known as Dark Chocolate, Cooking Chocolate.
Size: 125 g
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If you're wondering why % signs are appearing on your ingredient lists and what is couverture chocolate anyway, click here. To learn more about tempering chocolate you can check out our links here, try couverture chocolate truffles here, or just go ahead and get yourself our Tempering Chocolate Treasure Chest

If you're up to tempering milk couverture chocolate, try here for couverture chocolate covered fruit, or the ambitious and glorious caramel parfait from Masterchef (for which you'll also need our Liquid Glucose and Gelatine Leaves, converted from titanium to gold strength - see how here).