Dariole Moulds (140 mls)

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Part of our specialist bakeware selection, Dariole moulds are stainless steel individual moulds measuring 65*58mm and holding 140ml. Used for crème caramels, pannacottas and individual puddings. This is also known as Pannacotta Moulds, Individual Pudding Moulds, Dariol Moulds.

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Recipes, Links & More...

Here's our blog post on the making of Momofuku Milk Bar's Cereal Milk Pannacotta using our Dariole Moulds.  A fair outcome if we don't say so ourselves!  But the uses are endless; ice cream (this recipe requires Rosewater), pudding, or - a scrummy favourite - fondant (here's one from Masterchef for which you'll need good quality dark chocolate and our Xanthan Gum). Dariole Moulds are for when you don't want to share!  Like at Christmas time (check out these individual Christmas puddings) or when Jamie did the recipe for his Vanilla Pannacotta (you'll need chocolate and gelatine leaves).  They are also featured in this pineapple bun recipe (you'll also need an icing bag) - sounds strange, but think soft bun filled with pineapple custard and you'll get there!