Duck Fat

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Our Rougie duck fat gives your roast potatoes that crisp & tasty edge!
Size: 320 g
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Jamie Oliver is famous for his duck fat potatoes!  Cooking with duck fat is simple too, you just need some potatoes, duck fat, salt and pepper and you're good to go. And if you want a different kind of duck fat side dish, there's always duck fat fries or duck fat Jerusalem artichokes

More duck fat recipes including duck fat confit (this recipe must be worth the effort of days of marination and hours of cooking!), duck fat chicken wings (for which you'll need Sriracha Sauce, Apple Cider Vinegar and our deep-fry thermometer), or straight up roast duck.  For something out there, check out what Molecular Gastronomer Salty Seattle does with duck fat (you'll need Champagne Vinegar).  

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