Mountain Dukkah

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Dukkah is a roasted spice mix originating in Egypt but now taking on many different forms. It is used in cooking but also on crusty bread dipped in silky olive oil.

Our Dukkah comes from the Gourmet Afrika range and is a specially crafted mix of nuts and spices, perfect for sprinkling on pizzas, crusting meats or for use in the traditional way.

Warning - If you have any allergies, especially nut allergies of any kind, please avoid this product.

Size: 110 g
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As one of our extra gourmet gourmet spices, Dukkah spice blend is versatile and magnificent!  Use it as a spice rub to Dukkah-crust your salmonlamb or chicken, or use dukkah to spice up your side dish such as chickpea salad.  Consider dukkah as a stuffing for your roast or as a base for salad dressing warm asparagus.  Or remember, it is just as good sprinkled on your breakfast eggs or with olive oil on a slice of bread!