Dumpling Press

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This dumpling press set creates perfect dumpling shapes and folds them for you, in two circular sizes! Make your own dumplings right here! This is also known as Dumpling Maker Tool.

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Recipes, Links & More...

Our Dumpling Press can make your dumplings (for steaming you might want a Bamboo Steamer), potstickers, gyoza (try with our Red Miso Paste) or momo (you'll need Fenugreek Seeds); never worry about folding and pleating again!

Click here for a recipe for dumpling dough (or dumpling wrapper), and once you've done that the ways to make dumplings never end!  There's Poh's Pork and Cabbage Dumplings (for which you'll need Chinkiang Vinegar); this delicious looking Prawn Dumpling Soup; and Feast Magazine's Polish Potato and Cheese Dumplings.  You'll need White Peppercorns and Shaoxing Wine for making many of these dumpling recipes.  

Or there's dumpling fan sites to show you more info on how to make dumplings.  You'll be a Dumpling machine!