Dutch Cocoa

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Dutch cocoa powder is produced from cocoa paste after it has been processed to make cocoa butter. Dutch cocoa has a higher pure cocoa content and provides an authentic richness to chocolate dishes. The "Dutch" bit means it has been treated to neutralise acidity which enhances flavour, colour and solubility. Ours is Van Houten brand Dutch process Cocoa.

This is also known as Dutch Processed Cocoa Powder.
Size: 250 g
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When Nigella says "cocoa" this stuff is what she means.  This site offers information and recipes for Dutch Cocoa, including substituting it for natural cocoa which might address the big dutch cocoa versus cocoa question!  Dutch Cocoa can offer its true flavour across a range of chocolate forms, including triple choc lamingtons, good old chocolate tart or wowsers some choc-bourbon icypops (you'll also need our Couverture Chocolate).  But a lot of the time it's value comes from being dusted atop a dessert or rolled around a truffle.