Fenugreek Powder

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Fenugreek powder, from ground Fenugreek seed, adds a mild and aromatic addition to Indian cooking. This is also known as Ground Fenugreek, Methi Powder.
Size: 100 g

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Recipes, Links & More...

This site has information about the nutritional qualities of the Fenugreek herb, and click here to read more about Fenugreek's health benefits including a mention of Fenugreek tea!  Fenugreek powder recipes include Hilbeh (spiced Fenugreek dip), and DIY curry powder (you'll need Mace).  With the skill this Indian spice gives you in the kitchen you can then do fantastic curries from scratch!  Like Kenyan Chicken curry or Duck curry. Fenugreek spices up your curry and gives it that recognisable warmth, but as well as Fenugreek Seed Powder you might need Fenugreek Leaves or Fenugreek Seeds also.