Fish Stock

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Fish stock adds that beautiful seafood flavour for your soup or stew! Our brand of fish stock is Moredough Kitchen; stocks which are known for being made just as you would at home. It comes in 500ml pouches which is the equivalent to 2 cups.

Size: 500 ml
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So you've made it and loved it ... Now, what to do with fish stock?  Heaps.  There's Squid Ink Risotto (we'd use specialist risotto rice like Vialone Nano or Carnaroli, and of couse our Squid Ink).  These soups look delish; Moroccan Seafood Soup (you'll need the spice of Harissa), or Hot and Sour Soup (where Tamarind Pulp is also required).  For more Fish Stock Soups here's a Seafood Chowder and Lobster Bisque recipe.  But wait there's more!  Here's Fish Stock recipes including Salmon with Lemon Risotto from Donna Hay, and of course the ultimate seafood sauce and one of the best fish stock uses, Fish Veloute!  Consider too a jetsetter take on use of this homely ingredient; traditional Cajun seafood soup Gumbo; San Francisco's Famous Seafood Stew Cioppino; or Spanish Paella (for which you'll need our Calasparra Rice).  The world's your oyster with easy Fish Stock!