Gelatine Leaves - Titanium

Gelatine leaf is the sheet form of this colourless, almost flavourless protein. It is used as a setting agent especially in desserts such as a silky Panna Cotta.

Titanium strength is particularly good when using alcohols, fresh fruit or even an aspic.

Each pack contains 10 sheets at 5g per sheet. This is also known as Gelatine Leaf, Gelatine Sheet .
Size: 50 g

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BREAKING: Titanium can be a substitute for Gold-strength gelatine! The good news is that as outlined in Feast Magazine, Titanium-Strength Gelatine Leaves can easily be substituted for Gold- or Bronze- strengths in most recipes.  You just need to make sure you use the number of leaves which would make up the required weight.  Titanium leaves measure 5g each, gold 2g and bronze 1.5g.  So if your recipe calls for 5 sheets of gold gelatine, just substitute the same weight (10g) in titanium!  For more basic info, facts and gelatine FAQs, see this article.