Layer Cake Slicer

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The Layer Cake Slicer by Zenker makes up to 8 straight and even layers in your celebration cake. Fitting around a 26cm (standard Aus) or 28cm cake tin, you'll wonder how you ever did without it. (Knife not included.) If you have a smaller cake tin (like a 21cm) you can still use the LCS! But you might just need an extra pair of hands to hold it steady.

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Size: 26 ml
$34.95 inc GST
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We *heart* layer cakes! (Can you tell?!)  Like this superb and kinda famous BlackForest layer cake from Masterchef 2010, this Iced Vovo Cake from February 2012 Delicious Magazine or of course the quintessential layer cake, the Sacher Torte.  Or for something lemony, try this layered lemon curd sponge topped with merangue.  Remember to consider the layer cake slice lifter for those complicated ensembles.