Orange Blossom Water - 25ml

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This 25ml pocket size bottle is perfect as a gift or to take away on holidays.

Orange Blossom Water is distilled from orange blossoms - or orange flowers - and is used as flavouring from desserts to cocktails.

Some orange flecks may appear at the bottom. This is quiet normal.

This is also known as Orange Flower Water.
Size: 25 ml

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We recently used this beautiful fragrant distillation in the frosting on these cupcakes, but of course Nigella Lawson took it one step further with her divine Arabian Pancakes with Orange Flower Syrup.  A summery orange blossom lemonade sounds delightful, this is a take on choc-orange tart, or try the delicate flavour in this Moroccan tagine.  Or for recipe-less cooking, tap a few drips over your next fruit salad!