Paillete Feuilletine - 100g

A delicate and gorgeous product, where French lace crepes are flaked into crispy wafer pieces, this hard-to-find ingredient has taken the world by storm.

Crust cookies, cheesecakes and all number of desserts with a luxurious crunch that cannot be beaten.

This is also known as Feuilletine Flakes .
Size: 100 g
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Only now can you make amazing food media recipes like the infamous V8 cake from Adriano Zumbo using legitimate ingredients!  (You'll also need our gelatine leaves, glucose liquid, gellan and titanium dioxide.)  Zumbo isn't the only celeb chef with his head in the paillete feuilletine cloud.  Darren Purchese uses our new fave throughout his book sweet studio, or for something simpler, how yummy do these chocolate hazelnut crunch bars look (and who can go wrong with nutella)?  Of course, you could try an even more authentic version and go with homemade paillete feuilletine (for which you'll require this silicon mat).