Panko Breadcrumbs

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Panko Breadcrumbs are distinct and superior to regular breadcrumbs due to their flaked (rather than crumbed) processing. Flaked crumbs mean a greater surface area, so less oil is absorbed and a crispier crumb is the result!

Size: 200 g
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We're diggin' Panko in these zucchini fries (which are actually baked) from 2013 My Kitchen Rules. 

Simply our favourite recipe using Pankos is this Neil Perry prawn toast, but with these flaky breadcrumbs you can replicate other take away food too!  Here's some homemade chicken nuggetsfish n chips and coconut prawns.  With the panko leftover after you've made your own takeaway, how about trying luxurious deep-fried oysterspanko'd-haloumi salad, or using panko to enhance a shepherds pie.