Preserved Lemons

These are traditionally Preserved Lemon quarters with the rind on. Popular in Moroccan dishes but has a range of uses to add a tang! Just remember to rinse them, and normally only the pith is used in cooking.

Size: 260 g

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The uses for preserved lemons range broader than your wildest tagine dreams ... We love the look of this Maggie Beer preserved lemon dip which includes our delicious Salted Capers and Verjuice too.  And if you've never heard of Preserved Lemon Ice Cream, you have to see this! With uses ranging far beyond your wildest tagine dreams, we've found preserved lemons popping their tartly heads up in salads but what about as part of an antipasti, accompanying side dishsoup, or dip?  Just remember to cut the rind off first!  (Usually only the pith is used - but check your recipe!)