Silicone Pastry Mat

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Measuring 49.5x39 cm, this is an essential kitchen accessory! The baking mat allows you to easily roll, cut and manipulate your pastry, dough or fondant creations. This is also known as Silicon Baking Mat.

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This simple utensil is actually a piece of kitchen wizardry!  Try tuiles, savoury or sweet (for these amazing recipes you'll also need liquid glucose and gelatine leaves).  If you've been watching the box lately, you might have seen Silione Pastry Mats being used to make agar agar jelly shapes (read about Agar Agar here) or amazing hard candy (you'll need ambition and Isomalt).  Silicone Pastry Mats are also used as the integral surface in the creaton of fondants (Glycerine is an important ingredient here also), and of course for kneading, rolling out, measuring and cutting dough or pastry (hence the name!).     

To read more about safety and consideration in cooking with silicon baking mats, click here

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