Tarragon Vinegar

Our Tarragon Vinegar is a herb-infused white wine vinegar made from 100% natural ingredients. The brand we have is Beaufor and imported from France. It is just one of our large selection of flavoured vinegars.

Picture of actual product coming soon. Our Tarragon Vinegar is larger than the product in the photo (500ml).
Size: 500 ml

This item is currently out of stock and will be available soon.

Recipes, Links & More...

Tarragon vinegar is one of the staples of french cooking and is the basis of many a recipe.  Check out this yum recipe for Chicken with a Tarragon Vinegar sauce or make a simple Bearnaise by reducing 3 tablespoons of Tarragon Vinagar , a few black peppercorns and a teaspoon of dried tarragon.  Boil the liquid until there is little more than a tablespoon left.  Place in a blender with three egg yolks and whizz. In another saucepan melt 125grams of butter and when ready, slowly but continuously, pour through the funnel of the blender while the motor is running.  Keep blending until sauce has thickened - but do not overblend! This is possible and will result in an unattractive slodge.  Check out our blog for the story behind out desire for Bearnaise to go with a big, fat steak.  Look for Tarragon V in this blue cheese dressing for scallops, or for something a little bit pickly, try Tarragon Vinegar Pickled Eggs!