Tempering Chocolate Treasure Chest

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Everything you require for beautifully tempered and shaped chocolate, except the sweet tooth! This pack allows you to use either milk or dark couverture chocolate, tempered perfectly utilising our candy thermometer, then cooled or shaped by spreading the melted chocolate onto the acetate plastic. (Please note our candy thermometer has changed brands - it's now larger and tougher! - but is different to the one pictured here.)

Each of our treasure chests have been selected with care and come packaged in a gift tray with cellophane wrapping (some of the larger items will be packaged separately though).

* Please note due to the increased cost of posting the acetate plastic, the price of this pack has increased. *

$48.95 inc GST
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Temper chocolate to create amazing shapes for plating (a tunneldisc or lace) by checking out these instructional videos using marble board instead of acetate plastic here and moulds here.  Or here is a nice set of info from Cadbury on tempering chocolate including essential temperature requirements for the different types of chocolate, and microwave melting. Or click here for a more scientific explanation of why tempering chocolate is important in baking or chocky making.