Verjus - Chardonnay

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Verjus is here to stay! Made from grapes, verjus can be sweet and acidic, and will enhance your meal! Use in dressings or to de-glaze the pan.

We are using a new, comparable brand of verjus than the one shown - new photo will be available soon This is also known as Verjuice.
Size: 375 ml
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What is verjus?  Verjus, which is also known as verjuice, is literally "green juice".  It is pressed from unripe grapes, and unlike wine, isn't fermented.  It has a more subtle flavour that vinegar and therefore in a dressing, won't interfere with other flavours that you want to shine through.  Verjus can go so many directions!  Here are sweet (grape cake with verjus caramel) and savoury (Roast Chicken) options Masterchef fans will recognise.