Vialone Nano Rice

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Vialone Nano rice is a risotto rice that has a larger grain than short-grain rice and is perfect for Arancini or Timballo.

This is the preferred rice of the Veneto region of Italy as it produces a very creamy risotto.

* Please note - new brand, new packet and is now 1kg. This is also known as Arborio Rice, Risotto Rice.
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Vialone nano rice or carnaroli rice are both excellent in this easy risotto recipe.  Don't have time to stand and stir? That's OK, this recipe uses the absorption method and although the purists will no doubt disagree, it tastes every bit as good as risotto made the traditional way.  

Peel and cut half a butternut pumpkin into large cubes.  Toss in olive oil and Murray River Pink Salt and roast in a 190 degree oven for about 30 minutes.  Check towards the end - you want some dark edges so that the pumpkin caramalizes, but obviously you want to avoid burning.  Meanwhile, finely dice an onion and saute gently in olive oil in a heavy based pan.  When onion has changed colour, add a finely chopped sprig of rosemary and saute for a minute or two more.  Then add 300 grams of Vialone Nano or Carnaroli rice and stir until you can see "the whites of their eyes" (each grain should be partly translucent).  When this is done, add a quarter of a cup of white wine and increase heat; boil until the smell of alcohol has burned off.  Add 750ml of warmed stock, bring to the boil, then reduce the heat to low, cover and leave for 22 minutes.  When the time is up, turn off the heat and add a big knob of butter and a handful of grated parmesan.  Stir through until butter had melted.  Then gently stir through the cooked pumpkin cubes.  You shouldn't need to add any extra salt, because the pumpkin was salted and stock tends to be well seasoned.  But when you plate up, a fine sprinkle of decorative Black Salt won't go astray.  Enjoy!